Mailing lists

The OpenRISC mailing list where you can ask your questions around OpenRISC or get into the discussion with the developers. You can either just a mail to or subscribe to the list to receive all mails on the list.

The OpenRISC mailing list is also available on lore.kernel.lorg. This provides a clean fast interface including a git interface and atom feed for the list.


A few developers hang out on IRC (internet relay chat). IRC provides a means to have a real-time conversation with developers to discussion issues and ideas. Be aware that community members available on IRC may be operating in different time zones so response times may vary.

OpenRISC forum

The OpenRISC forum is maintained on the website, and is a web based discussion forum. Users can use full HTML to format their messages, and all messages are help in a simple archive online. You can ask to receive notifications of new messages, by going to “My Account” (top left of this page, beneath the OpenCores logo) and selecting “OpenRISC” under the Subscriptions section.

A number of other forums address other OpenCores projects (the Ethernet MAC, PCI, USB etc).