We are proud to announce that the OpenRISC port for gdb has been merged upstream. This was done back in December 2017 so its a bit late notice, but here it is.

With that we have released an updated version of the toolchain with x86_64 binaries for easy consumption. The new version, tagged or1k-7.2.0-20180317 is available on our github release page.

There are 3 different binaries to choose from:

  • newlib - this is the baremetal toolchain good for running c code directly on the OpenRISC cpu without an operating system
  • musl - this is our main supported Linux capable libc toolchain good for compiling applications to run on Linux
  • nolib - this is a special build used for building os kernels, this is specifically used by the kbuild Linux build robots.

The toolchain binaries with use following tool versions:

Change Log

Notable updates for OpenRISC include.

  • GDB included in binaries
  • GCC updated to version 7.x
  • GCC support for tailcall optimization
  • GCC and assembler new relocations to provide code optimizations
  • GCC cleanup delay slot handling
  • GCC and assembler support for new instruction l.adrp
  • GAS support for instructions l.muld, l.muldu, l.macu, l.msbu

Thanks rth for the major toolchain cleanups and optimizations

Note on GCC

This may be one of the last full featured releases for a while as we work on rewriting core parts of the OpenRISC GCC port due to copyright issues.

For details watch for updates on the OpenRISC mailing list.


16 March 2018