Multicore Toolchain

The OpenRISC architecture recently moved towards multicore implementations. There is a toolchain that can execute code on multiple cores in a symmetric fashion.

If you build the toolchain manually, you should use a different prefix, such as /opt/toolchains/or1k-elf-multicore and you need to build newlib with the environment variable CFLAGS="-D__OR1K_MULTICORE__":

../newlib/configure --target=or1k-elf --prefix=$PREFIX CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET="-D__OR1K_MULTICORE__"

Download the Toolchain

You can install pre-compiled toolchains and install them on your Linux system. We have prebuilt-toolchains for releases of the different components that are preferably installed to /opt/toolchains/or1k-elf-multicore. You can find all releases here. Those are current releases:

After downloading a release you can extract it anywhere in your filesystem, preferable to `/opt/toolchains/or1k-elf/`. You need to add the toolchain to your path:
export PATH=/opt/toolchains/or1k-elf/bin:${PATH}