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  • 04 Jun 2019 » Announcing Architecture Version 1.3
    (Stafford Horne) It has been been a few years since the release of OpenRISC version 1.2. But, it’s been a busy few years of getting GDB and GCC ports upstream. Now with the GCC port upstream we are able to make progress and this new architecture revision does just that bringing in..... more
  • 27 May 2019 » Google Summer of Code 2019
    (Stafford Horne) The Google Summer of Code is a yearly event which teams open source projects with college students. Students learn about technology and the open source community and projects benefit from new contributions. As in previous years this year OpenRISC is participating as part of the FOSSi foundation project. We have..... more
  • 09 Nov 2018 » GCC Upstream for 9.0.0
    (Stafford Horne) We are proud to announce that the OpenRISC port for gcc has been committed to upstream. Mainline OpenRISC support will be available in the upcoming 9.0.0 release of GCC. Note, this has been a clean room rewrite of the OpenRISC gcc port. The old port can still be found in..... more
  • 16 Mar 2018 » GDB Upstreaming and Binaries: 7.2.0
    (Stafford Horne) We are proud to announce that the OpenRISC port for gdb has been merged upstream. This was done back in December 2017 so its a bit late notice, but here it is. With that we have released an updated version of the toolchain with x86_64 binaries for easy consumption. The..... more
  • 22 Oct 2017 » Announcing Architecture Revision 1.2
    (Stafford Horne) We are pleased to announce that a new OpenRISC architecture specification revision 1.2 has been released. This release formalizes a few items which have already been implemented into our toolchains and Linux as well as describes the multicore OpenRISC architecture. See the full details on the release page. Update on..... more
  • 18 Feb 2017 » GCC Release and Binaries: 5.4.0
    (Stafford Horne) We have released an updated version of the gcc 5.4.0 toolchain with x86_64 binaries for easy consumption. The new version, tagged or1k-5.4.0-20170218 is available on our github release page. There are 3 different binaries to choose from: newlib - this is the baremetal toolchain good for running c code directly..... more
  • 20 Mar 2016 » Newlib Release: 2.3.0-1
    (Stefan Wallentowitz) We have released an updated version of the baremetal toolchain with the newlib C library. The release is based on the newlib 2.3.0 release and contains a few backport patches for or1k bugfixes since then. We have released full toolchains with the following versions: Binutils 2.26 Newlib 2.3.0 plus or1k..... more
  • 15 Mar 2016 » Mailing list has moved
    (Stefan Wallentowitz) As the previous mailing list at is not fully maintained anymore, we have created a new one under the umbrella of the community project By having this mailing list under control of the active maintainers of the OpenRISC project we hope to give it much more stability. Please..... more
  • 01 Feb 2015 » Newlib upstream new
    (Stefan Wallentowitz) The newlib port for baremetal applications is now entirely upstream. That means, you can now build libgloss and the newlib libc from the official repositories. Unfortunately we missed the deadline for the 2.20 release by just a few files, but the newlib community recently changed to sub-releases, so that the..... more
  • 15 Oct 2014 » ORCONF 2014 - a great success
    (Stefan Wallentowitz) The OpenRISC Conference 2014 was held in Munich on the weekend of October 11 and 12, 2014. 36 participants visited the conference which covered some very interesting topics again. It was a great thing that the RISC-V guys made it over and we had a great insight to their ISA..... more
  • 14 Oct 2014 » New OpenRISC landing page
    (Stefan Wallentowitz) For newcomers, but also for active members in the community, it was quite hard lately to find information around the internet. The opencores website and wiki look less and less appealing and need some serious work to provide the updated information. Other information, such as the Linux port or new..... more